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"We love what we do."




About Us

We are a wireless facility and offer free WIFI access.

I was once told by a dedicated professor,

"I want to be here. I cannot imagine myself doing or being anywhere else in the world right now than in front of this class teaching you about the world. I love what I do and I am happy you are here."

These words stuck to me like glue and I will always remember them.

The same is true for our business at Green Earth. An automotive technician isn't just 'some job' chose out of a hat to be made into a career and then onto a business. This is a passion and a vast knowledge for vehicles. This is real change and a compassion for the planet and this is Marc and the crew here letting you know,

"We love what we do, we want to be here, and we would love for you to be our customer!"


ASE Certified Master Technician, friendly faces


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