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We started our journey in 2007.  Dreaming, hoping and working towards a goal of a different kind of auto shop.  We wanted to build a repair facility, but we wanted to build something no one had thought of before and honestly put the customer first.

You know the story; we have all gone to an auto shop to get our vehicles fixed or serviced by a independent mechanic or a dealership.

Here, it is a totally new story.

Here are some of our customer amenities.  Think of everything you thought about going to a shop, and reverse it.

Vehicle Service

Hybrid - More and more people are choosing to drive hybrids. Toyota calls multiple Pruis' by the name of "Priii" by the way!  We own one ourselves, *Vintage 2007*.  A truly different driving experience and a green way to save gas and the planet, you know it when you drive one!  We service them and we want you to know when you bring your hybrid to us, weather it be the Toyota, Ford or Honda version, we are more than qualified to service it.  We also want you to feel special.  At this time of writing, there were only 3 independent shops in the entire United States capable and advertising that they worked on Hybrid vehicles.


Diesel is becoming more and more popular with vehicle owners.  Diesel is a more clean burn as opposed to gas. 


We all have owned or inspire to own part of the American Dream, a car!  Always a staple to American life, a car provides freedom, security and can very easily evolve into a true bond between human and car!  Here at Green Earth, we believe that each gas fueled vehicle can run to its true potential with the correct care and maintenance.  Bring it to us, we know exactly how important your vehicle is to you.