What makes us green?




No its not just part of the name!  The next generation must pass on good habits to the next.  We knew that it was imperative that we set a good example now and for the future.  Our building, surrounding lot and complete land site all have different characteristics that make it one of the most efficient buildings in this area.


The shape of the building

It is different.  The sloping allows for easy snow removal and as an added bonus, makes the interior look bigger!

The colors of the building

We chose light colors for our building.  Lighter colors cause less warming of the earth

Kirby Cool Roof" Deflects 52% of the sun rays actually hitting it.

The Kirby Cool Roof is one of the most innovative roofs on the market, in our opinion.  This roof and the color we chose actually deflect 52% more sun-rays off the roof to prevent global warming.  This is just another way to offset our carbon footprint.

The position of the building.  Why isn’t the entrance facing the road?

For a very good reason.  This building follows the path of the sun. Let me explain.  During the winter, the sun is furthest from the earth, cooling our part of the world here in New England to allow for snow.  We do however, get sun-rays and the little that we get for the short amount of time each day during this time of year, we chose to maximize.  The sun hits the building at the warmest peak times of the day during the winter.  This melts the snow off the roof and down to the ground faster that we could ever clean it off! Neat hu

Radiant heat. 

Yes.  Radiant heat.  This is New England!  Not only that, it is one of the most efficient ways to heat a building in a predominantly cool environment such as New Hampshire.

Surrounding lot

Our parking lot is large, and in accordance with the state and with the size of our building.  We have lit it with down graded lighting to minimize light pollution, and maximize security at the same time.

Complete land site

Our entire property is just under 3 acres of land.  The soil alone was extensively tested by the state and another non affiliated company to assess the true nature of what our building was to be build upon.  The entire property, all 2.93 acres, was made up of perfect soil and interestingly enough, the only disturbance on that property was a long standing house for the past 50 years.  Before that, a cow pasture.  This land is perfect and we preserved all that we could.

During the process of building, we did not disturb one tree on our property and even had arborists complete work to make the standing trees healthier and stronger.

Towards the back of the property, it is completely untouched, minus the times we mow it!

There is also a groomed forest which is not seen in the natural environment very often.

There are actually many, many more features to our environmentally sound shop. Please feel free to ask us when you come in!

For the evolving future of the vehicle

Vehicles are evolving.  We calculated this into our equation. Maybe the days of electric vehicles are closer than we think.  On each down lit post in our parking lot, there is an electrical socket.  If and when vehicles are to be plugged in to get us from here to there, we have a 'fuel up' station for charging.